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Get the best Headphones, Speakers and Mp3 Player with shopping outlet that provide many choices for you to choose. All the items we choose is based on popularity, selling in Malaysia market include worldwide. We provide branded items and also some non branded items, but with great quality and value.

If you are looking for new headphones or speakers for your laptop or desktop. Here you can find many brands that suite to your requirement and budget. Not satisfied with your mobile Mp3 sound. Is it less dynamic, less clarity, less bass and dull. Here we suggest that you look at our dedicated Mp3 Player site and find the best for you.

Below you will find all our Headphones, Speakers and Mp3 Player that best offer you can find.

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Top Best Headphones Sound



Audio Technica ATH-Tad500

Affordable price with the category as audiophile headphones,  Audio-Technica ATH-TAD500 is one good choice for serious people that looking for good headphones. Light weight and very comfortable on your ear is the main reason why this ATH-TAD500 a good choice to own it.  Not only wearing it is comfortable, but the audio reproductions delivers the fantastic mid range and dynamic bass output. These headphones can be used with any audio, sound or music have in your mind. We can say it is overall headphones with promises audio output.

These models came with black color and 1 year local manufacturer warranty.



Best Headphone Audio Technica ATH-Tad500


Best Speaker With High Quality Sound



Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker System

The Edifier M3300SF 2.1 Speaker System contains a satellite speaker with a powerful subwoofer. Connected to your desktop and the speaker performance will blow your mind. These are powerful speaker system for your desktop or laptop with deep sound produced by small midrange and medium size subwoofers. It comes with a remote wired controller and beautiful glossy finishing on the satellite speaker.

Great value and high quality sound with 1 year warranty by Lazada Malaysia


Great 2.1  Speaker System From Edifier M3300SF


 Top Most Mp3 Player

Sony NWZ-B172F


Best Price Sony NWZ-B172F WALKMAN MP3 Player

Great brand Sony NWZ-B170F MP3 Player will play your song with amazing sound output, let you dance to the beat non stop. This player have lightweight and compact body and easily slip inside your pocket or jacket and you can enjoy your music. Internal storage is 2GB enough to store hundred of songs. Inside the Mp3 function, it has also the FM tuner that lets you listen to the radio. Sony has built many Mp3 players previously and install interesting software to control files inside it. Now they upgrade to much better and helpful to their user so that they can easily find favorite songs and organize it.

Great Player from Sony NWZ-B170F comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty

Sony NWZ-B172F

Catchy from Sony Mp3 Player


If you looking prices in Malaysia on headphones, speakers and Mp3 player, here we did offer customers affordable and high quality products and branded too.  Headphones we offer with few range from normal headphones to Bluetooth headphones. Also, you can find our speakers have many range from a mini speaker to Bluetooth speaker.  To learn more about the features model and brands of the products make sure to browse our extensive headphones, speakers and Mp3 player reviews.